Curry J. Hackett's headshot. He's an attractive Black American man with thick locs, wearing an light jacket over a patterned shirt.

Brands are all about unique stories, selling successful stories makes them exceptional storytellers.

The beginning of a story is an experience. 

People may forget who you are or what you do, but they’ed never forget how you made them feel.

Aaron, is an Art Director crafting such stories into tangible experiences 🤌

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Ovale Fé

Ovale Fé is a global feminine partnership, offering women the access to resources, training courses and jobs from universities and companies helping to close the gender gap/disparity and increase female participation in various fields and sectors.


Jackie's Garden®

Today that garden exists in our ethics and we’re on a mission to take that warmth globally, sharing that traditional vegan smile at every doorstep and store. As an expression to acknowledge the modesty Auntie Jackie borne while serving the neighbourhood through the vegan salad she grew.


Lasting on Afficheアフィッシュに続く
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Lasting on Affiche, describes the philosophical nature of (perplexing) communicative designs on printing canvases. Speaks from a perspective of digital art that lasts on palpable print.


An interpretation of Under Armour's Official website.
Under Armour® | Website Visuals

At Under Armour, we're a team of doers striving to be the best, there are no bench players. We challenge convention and we challenge each other. Playing to win, sharing our triumphs, learning from our mistakes and always fighting on together.


Evolved Beings 🥷 got featured in Creación Exhibition
with other Artists' snapshots, for Season 1&2

Evolved Beings is a collective of abstract neo-futuristic design that adapts itself to the dawning future of humanity with graphical art. Symbolic to Cyberpunk, this project emphases on the notion of maximalism in it's true nature.

Designs that don't solve a
problem are rendered useless

Past Design Boundaries

Creative Entrepreneurship

Design is good. But not everything.

Equipping designers & creative professionals to impact businesses with design solutions and strategies, breaking the horizon with value over skill.

Businesses probe for design solutions and adaptability to their already existing hurdles, thus reckoning the emergence of design radicals.

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Aaron's procedure to loyalty conversion?
Crafting-relatable prospect interactions via design strategies.

Underselling the impact of efficient communication anticipates to bring losses in a business hierarchy.

Save those millions!  💸
Investing in designs that vocalise your brand vision, delivering a message of business sustenance and empowering your role as a brand in a competitive niche, is vital (macro).
A façade draws the attention of viewers, enabling them to the next level i.e. experiencing the brand in our case the architecture.

Story of Existence

Imagine you meet the most handsome guy down the street, carrying a great physic, he dresses well with an awesome personality. When he approaches to speak he stutters and fails to express himself, while dipping in confidence.

So are brands & businesses they become vulnerable and fail to express how much value they can provide to their prospects. Aaron’s initiative exists to impart fluency to the voiceless brand.

Be heard distinctively.

About Aaron Franklyn Stevens:

Aaron F. Stevens became a victim of creative catastrophe back in late 20’s. Proclaiming the independent nature of a design-entrepreneur globally becoming underdog of the internet era, functions as a collective of creative philosophers and design architects based in New Delhi.

His ambition is simple, complete domination. The greed for creating and fostering  brand images have been stirring deep in his tummy for a long time, so he farts creative 🦆

In 2022, Aaron's projects were used to conduct design studies by creators online, as a result his work was featured on Adobe's Behance & Adobe's Stock 🔗

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Rationally, serving brands and initiatives birthed as an outcome to digital transformation. Aaron’s capabilities are bound with

Capabilities include:

· Art Direction
· Branding & Identities
· Marketing Executions
· Brand Strategy
· Film Making & Visual Arts

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