Market your Designs like Entrepreneurs

October 8, 2022
Brand Building Series

Great designs with exceptional marketing skill is just the spot where we all want to be, as creators. Even as beginners in the meta, equipping basic marketing/positional ability is the place to start.

• • •

I cannot begin to emphasise enough on the fact of how significant it is for designers (intermediate or beginners) to learn to position themselves not only as great designers and creatives, but not to undermine how much growth can efficient marketing contribute to their businesses and careers. During this write-up we shall unfold ‘How to market your designs like entrepreneurs?’.

Instantaneously, we start to ask ourselves, ‘Is marketing designs that vital for grow my business/portfolio/experience?’ or ‘Why would I even need all this information in the first place?’. Well, the answer is simple to boost returns. Here are a few points which take a step closer to achieving that great revenue.

1. ‘Why-What-Who’

This is with reference to the first episode where I briefly spoke about these three elements in authorising that foundational factor. Address the question of what do you solve, how do you do it differently and what services/products you offer. A lot of new brands and businesses often overlap their competitors contemplating they might outplay the other. While that differentiating is key to a successful entrepreneur.

2. Target Personas

(For starters, A target audience persona is a profile of someone who represents a key member of one of your target audience groups)

The next immediate step is to define a particular audience that fits perfectly with the type of services or products you offer as a business or enterprise. For instance, it’s safe to say that Nike’s target audience/persona is men and women ages 15 to 45 who are active in some way. It can be as simple as this. Define your target before the hunt.

3. Consumer Journey Channels

Consumer journey channels can prove to be a breakthrough for designers if they’ve successfully decoded the ambition of existence and target personas. Customer channels have deeps roots with personas (audience).

Moreover, consumer journey channels deal with; need, exploration and conversion. To elaborate -

  1. Need (Where is your audience stationed when they’re in need, in this phase the consumer is in need but that need is not immediate but latent. For example Facebook, Instagram, TV, Events etc.)
  2. Exploration (How does your audience find you, for example on Blogs, YouTube, Google Ads, Google Search etc.)
  3. Conversion (Once the consumer is ready for the purchase, how does that process take place? More importantly what channels do they use for that purpose. For example e-Commerce websites, Newsletters, e-Mail Campaigns, In-Person Sales etc.)

• • •

Ultimately, getting hold of that customer or client via the value chain forms the essentials for great marketing skill as they say “the end justifies the means” so use an unusual method to market yourself/design to get the attention you’re worth.

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