How to Earn Passive Income for Graphic Designers With MasterBundles (Sponsored)

November 17, 2022
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There are numerous online marketplaces where you can sell and purchase images. Still, not enough of them can fulfill the increasing demand for previously unknown ideas. Finding a unique, stylish illustration that does not cost a fortune can be tricky. That is why it is vital to seek out new platforms that could serve as a breath of fresh air.


MasterBundles is a digital visual art store. Here, people can sell and buy design assets. Premium resources and freebies are available in the vast of published products. The handiest feature of the marketplace is bundle offers, as they propose significant discounts for the packs of the same themed visuals.

On MasterBundles, you can become a vendor, product buyer, or affiliate. Choosing an account allows users to optimize their marketplace experience to their needs. If a few types are suitable to your needs, you can select several roles when you want to sell your graphics and buy fonts.


You should choose this role if you are a professional or skilled designer who can offer visuals to the marketplace. In that case, you can create an account on MasterBundles and upload visuals via the Sell Your Deal form. Anyone who wants to try their luck and professionalism can make a preview, add some tags and upload works. Designs are given to the moderator once this data is submitted. It will take some time to analyze your work, but you will get the answer somewhere between a few hours to three days, depending on the manager's workload. If the response is positive, your visuals will be published.

You will receive 50% of every sold product. The platform keeps the rest, and it is fair enough. Some other marketplaces can charge 70% or more even if they offer fewer advantages, so I consider this rate fair. Withdraw your money when $50 is reached, and choose the most convenient payment method.

The MastersBundles marketplace allows you to sell your graphic design, but you can modify it to fit your desires and requirements. Everyone's revenue is based on the quality of the product, and MasterBundles keeps an equal commission from every profit. No one is charged more or less. Easy fund withdrawal is granted due to a variety of options to complete it. A friendly support crew will undoubtedly assist you with all possible requests and disruptions and can help with promotion.

The commission at the platform is present, and some can dislike the fact. But let's be honest, rising talents need someone who takes care of their promotion. Still, the final decision to participate or not is up to the vendor. Moderation may be lengthy to ensure that the product complies with all standards. Yet, some things may appear inconvenient to users.

MastersBundles have a vendor rating system. It is used to compare the designers and their artworks. The assessment process and factors may seem complex, but they ensure that everybody gets a good rating in compliance with the marketplace standards.

Product Buyers

There are a lot of vendors in the marketplace. Over 2,000 contributors showcased about 20,000 different visuals for the clients, and there will be more. Pick one of the 5 sections, and you will discover great works to apply to your ideas or business.

The main advantages for the buyers are bundles containing multiple visuals of the same topic. Also, you can modify all the products, so aligning them to your branding is simple. Thousands of free assets allow you to test various designers and the marketplace, and a convenient buyer's cabinet will help you track all billings. Some say the search is not optimised but is not 100% correct. The engine requires some time to understand the algorithm. You will easily find the right product when you get the main naming principles and tags.


As an affiliate, you can develop a solid passive income. You will get 15% of every purchase by your link. The process is easy to understand and implement. You generate your unique link, share it, and if the person buys something on the marketplace, you receive the profit. You can control your links and revenue on the website — everything is recorded and counted.

Thanks to cookies technology, you can get your bonus even if the promoted item is free. You will get 15% off the referred user's first purchase. You can become a MasterBundles affiliate and earn money with no significant effort. It will be even easier if you work with the right audience.

What About Me?

I have not decided what assets I want to publish on MastersBundles, but I'm willing to work with them. I'm sure It will help some people to develop their ideas and for me to improve my skills. Besides that, I would be happy to receive some money passively. I am also a fan of their Blog — there are a lot of interesting posts I read. Maybe, someday my works will be published there too.


Anybody deserves a platform to express themselves and make some profit. Mastersbundles has the potential to be a perfect way to earn extra money. MastersBundles is a developing marketplace. In some time, it can become a really big and popular marketplace that sets a curve.

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